Back to School – Top Tips

Back to School can be tough – getting back into routine; waking up early; meeting new teachers and friends. And that’s just the parents!

Fear not though, KeyStorage has got some top tips to help you cope.

First: Declutter

The best way to clear the cobwebs and get ready for school is to remove the old.

  • Check that all old clothes still fit – not just school clothes.
  • Make sure everything is labelled – we don’t want missing clothes to add to our stress
  • Get some cardboard boxes and pack away last year’s treasures – arts and crafts and class photos are too valuable to throw away. (You can find a range of storage and packaging material here)

Second: Donate

If you have stored your valuables and made space for the new school year, dont throw away anything left over. Donate it – there are plenty of schools, homes, Hospice in the area that would love any donations. Remember, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Lastly: Prepare

The best way to deal with the early morning wake up and inevitable grumpiness – be prepared.

We like to pack out all the school clothes the night before. That way we dont forget something important (heaven forbid we go to school without pants on day one!). We also like packing school bags in the car so that the morning is not a rush.

Do you have any tips? We’d love to hear them, send us an email to

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